A Novel By Devaraj
Notorious Indian sex-guru, Swamiji, is in town to lead a week-long spiritual retreat. Participants rock up from all over to check out the vibe. Ed, a shy young man still living with his mum in north London, is there because he’s obsessed with Cindy, a perfectly figured yoga teacher. Overhearing that she’ll be attending, he decides to sign up as well, without bothering to find out what the retreat is actually about.As the retreat becomes increasingly sexual, the 20 participants find their personalities laid bare and deep inner wounds exposed. Sleepless and consumed by sexual tension, personality clashes between participants get more and more extreme as the retreat moves into its final phase.

Just what has Ed got himself into? Can he stay the course, find himself and get the girl?


"“Sex & Lust on a spiritual retreat!”

“…a guilty pleasure for the new-age generation”

“… contains truly useful insights into how men and women relate sexually”

Fuck! What’s going on? Ed almost groaned aloud as he pulled himself back upright on his cushion. His head was reeling. He struggled to remember where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. Inhaling deeply, he tried to stay calm. It wasn’t working. He sensed a deep, dark pit of insecurity right beneath him. At any moment he could fall in. Fall in and never get out.......

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