12th January 2017

Bioenergetics #14 – Can’t Sleep?

OK, so here’s some information that is hopefully useful for those of you struggling to sleep. I’m not going to cover standard stuff like: not looking […]
5th January 2017

Bioenergetics #13 – Ankle Release

Your feet and ankles are very important. They’re where you connect to the earth, where you ground yourself. If you have a lot of holding patterns […]
5th January 2017

Leadership #6 – Biggest Marketing Secret – It Doesn’t Matter What People Think!

Yes, these days it seems like OPINION is so important. You know, your opinions, my opinions. I mean, surely, it really matters what people THINK! Doesn’t […]
31st December 2016

Bioenergetics #12 – Shoulder Release

  These days pretty much everyone in the Western world seems to be suffering some level of shoulder tension. If you use a computer then just […]