Bioenergetics #13 – Ankle Release
5th January 2017
Bioenergetics #17 – Huge Back Release: Anxiety to Bliss!
23rd February 2017

OK, so here’s some information that is hopefully useful for those of you struggling to sleep. I’m not going to cover standard stuff like:

  • not looking at a phone or computer screen for a couple of hours before you sleep
  • when you wake try to do something rather than lying there, read a book or do a little exercise
  • anyway get up when the alarm goes off even if you feel dog-tired
  • try to be physically active during the day to tire yourself out a bit

I’m assuming that you’ve already tried this stuff and have got nowhere. I’m familiar with two types of insomnia:

  • your mind is super busy, thoughts going round and round and not wanting to stop
  • your mind is hyper-vigilant, keeping you awake like a kind of sentinel

Both can happen either from when you first start to sleep, or when you wake up early in the morning, say at 2 or 3 am. In my experience the “super-busy mind” one is the easiest to treat. It can be thought of as awareness being trapped in the head, unable to get back down into the body so the person can sleep. This can be a result of an energetic blockage at the throat level, effectively imprisoning awareness in the head. In the video above I detail three ways to treat this throat blockage with Bioenergetic techniques. These are:

  • Sit up beside you bed and perform a gag reflex 4-6 times in a row. Two finger into the back of the throat and stimulate there until you gag. You don’t need to actually throw up, but it’s good to have a tissue handy! Do this 4-6 times and then lie down again and just see if you feel more sleepy. IMPORTANT – If you have a history of eating disorders, or the gag reflex scares you, maybe try a different exercise!
  • Lying in your bed, perform pelvic rotations for 10-15 minutes, whilst also focusing on your pelvic area as you do this. See the video for a demo. Lie down and see if you feel more relaxed, ready to just drift off
  • Lying on your bed, perform the sucking exercise with you tongue and mouth, demonstrated in the video. Do this for 10 minutes minimum. Again lie down and this should bring you more into your body.

OK, that’s stuff for the busy mind type of insomnia.

Now, for hypervigilance, in my experience this is to do with subconscious fear held just below the level of our awareness. Repressed psychological material from the past may be surfacing and there is a conscious fear to really feel it. The mind starts to project it outside from itself and believes it has to stay alert because a threat is nearby.

You can try this stuff above, but for this type of insomnia what invariably works in my experience is to really try to turn around to face the issue, whatever it is. Go to a therapy group, do an emotional expression workshop, do the Humaniversity AUM Meditation, anything where you have to really get into it on a feeling level. Veeresh, the founder of the Osho Humaniversity in Holland, developed a great technique called Flushing (based on the work of NY based therapist Dan Casriel). I have found this to be a fantastic treatment for both the above types of insomnia. But you do need to learn it from a therapist, unfortunately.

If you’re interested to do a session, as a way to overcome insomnia, feel free to get in touch with me. I’m in Brighton and Dorset in the UK.


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