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17th March 2016

Therapy #2 – Survival Emotions

Today I’m talking about survival emotions, why we can repress them, and the effects this has. Plus how to move forward…
25th April 2016

Therapy #3 – Understanding Relationship Dynamics

It’s all about… fear, anger, pain and love!  
1st November 2016

Bioenergetics #11 – Using a Sofa to Clear Out Fear!

Did you know that you can use a common or garden sofa to move out pretty much all the fear inside of you! Do this exercise […]
8th November 2016

Leadership #3 – Drop Your “Us & Them” Bullshit!

Leadership 3 – Dropping your “us and them” bullshit. Life with The Man Last week I looked at how the “primary social contract” most people are […]