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24th November 2016

Stop Listening to Radio Depression!

Understanding the cognitive and emotional dynamics of Depression. Stop listening to Radio Depression, playing inside your head. It’s actually not how things are. You have the power […]
8th December 2016

Leadership #4 & #5 – Just 3 Degrees of Separation means… Specialize don’t Generalize!

Back in the 90’s the play “Six Degrees of Separation” brought home the message that everyone on the planet is connected through an average of six […]
31st December 2016

Bioenergetics #12 – Shoulder Release

  These days pretty much everyone in the Western world seems to be suffering some level of shoulder tension. If you use a computer then just […]
5th January 2017

Leadership #6 – Biggest Marketing Secret – It Doesn’t Matter What People Think!

Yes, these days it seems like OPINION is so important. You know, your opinions, my opinions. I mean, surely, it really matters what people THINK! Doesn’t […]