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5th January 2017

Bioenergetics #13 – Ankle Release

Your feet and ankles are very important. They’re where you connect to the earth, where you ground yourself. If you have a lot of holding patterns […]
12th January 2017

Bioenergetics #14 – Can’t Sleep?

OK, so here’s some information that is hopefully useful for those of you struggling to sleep. I’m not going to cover standard stuff like: not looking […]
23rd February 2017

Bioenergetics #17 – Huge Back Release: Anxiety to Bliss!

Yes, it’s time to transform all your ANXIETY into BLISS! And this isn’t just another ridiculous new-age claim… honest! Because you’re gonna have to work for […]
9th March 2017

Therapy #4 – Coming out of “Child-Mode” and Taking Responsibility

As small children, until we are about 5 years old, we have a natural need to receive love from our parents or other care-givers. We have […]