25th April 2016

Therapy #3 – Understanding Relationship Dynamics

It’s all about… fear, anger, pain and love!  
1st November 2016

Bioenergetics #11 – Using a Sofa to Clear Out Fear!

Did you know that you can use a common or garden sofa to move out pretty much all the fear inside of you! Do this exercise […]
8th November 2016

Leadership #3 – Drop Your “Us & Them” Bullshit!

Leadership 3 – Dropping your “us and them” bullshit. Life with The Man Last week I looked at how the “primary social contract” most people are […]
24th November 2016

Stop Listening to Radio Depression!

Understanding the cognitive and emotional dynamics of Depression. Stop listening to Radio Depression, playing inside your head. It’s actually not how things are. You have the power […]