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  • “…contains truly useful insights into how men and women relate sexually”
  • Breathtaking experience. Want it again and again. I was always afraid of myself getting angry or seeing angry people. Would rather not mess with them and put a stupid smile, it was covering..... fear. Dev is a magician , he guided me to rediscover my manhood , my tribal ego. I am not afraid of angering,anymore.There were other exercises focused on different parts of our soul, thanks to that i realized i was numb and deaf 😉 Recommend this training to any man !
  • "Devaraj holds a safe space for transformation, release and joy."
  • "Devaraj's sessions are very safe and free - to express anger, rage, tears or whatever is there. The techniques used are powerful and easy to do. I attend his sessions regularly."
  • "My instincts have told me that you have rare qualities so that I can trust you to guide and support me with the challenges of this work. My experience so far through a workshop and 2 sessions is that you closely accompany me on my emotional journey with complete dedication and loving kindness and as a result I feel safe".
  • I have been on many of Devaraj's workshops, and he gets to places which no-one else gets to, with very good effect on my bodymind.
  • "Devaraj and Sanjula held such a safe and love filled container. It allows you to go deep and really accesses what needs to move. I cannot recommend the course highly enough. Feeling brave? Jump!"
  • "Very kind, supportive and human. Deeply Beautiful” - about I Want Change! workshop
  • "If I can change anyone can, never too old, never too stuck" - about I Want Change! weekend workshop
  • “A powerful, healing and empowering workshop”- about the Anger weekend workshop
  • “This sort of work makes such a difference. Couldn’t ask for better group leaders or a more nourishing environment”- about the Anger weekend workshop
  • “The space was held beautifully and authentically. I leave feeling cleansed, refreshed and inspired to step out into the world in my full power” - about Rebirthing, Bioenergetics & Emotional Release weekend workshop