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  NEXT LONDON EVENT: Saturday March 25th 2017 - 10am to 6pm
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Introduction to Tantric Cacao Ceremony - Cacao awakens the 'Love Hormones' in the body. More people in London should try it! It is simply amazing! Cacoa is the raw uncorrupted form of chocolate, from the cocoa bean, a plant native to South America. In the Americas, indigenous people were so impressed by the magical properties of this sacred plant that it was used as a form of money. When cacoa is cooked and mixed with milk, sugar and other ingredients, it loses much of its powerful aphrodisiac and mood-enhancing effects. When consciously absorbed in sacred ceremony, raw cacao offers a revelation of love in body, mind and emotions.

This one day workshop will be a feast for the body and senses - a ritual for creating conscious intention for one's life.

Schedule for the Day - To begin the day, we'll guide you into opening yourself up and coming fully into the body. We will take a break for an early lunch around 11.30 so please bring something with you, or you can try local shops. After lunch we will hold a four hour Cacao Ceremony, a group sacred ritual experience that goes through distinct phases. You ingest Cacao, as a liquid, and lie down while it begins to come to life in your body and feelings. Then you're guided into Latihan and let-go, on your own or with others as you wish, whilst remaining centred in your heart. We then move into a Trance Dance, allowing you to journey deep within your altered state of consciousness. Finally the whole group takes part in the Pillar of Light ritual, a guided ceremonial experience evoking archetypes of male and female sexuality. After the Cacao Ceremony there will be space to chill out, relax and share about your experience if you wish. This day will be a powerful and sacred Tantric experience so please come prepared for this. Please note there is no nudity in this workshop.

What are the benefits? - Cacao is an aphrodisiac plant. When taken in conscious ceremony, we use the euphoric nature of the experience to let go of past experiences or beliefs that are not serving us, and open to a new life path for ourselves, rooted in a heart based manifestation of our deepest yearnings. During the ceremony, many people have the experience of regaining the ecstasy of direct communion with source.

Contra-indications - Because of the caffeine content, it may not be good for you to take excessive Cacao if you are pregnant, have a heart condtion, or suffer migraine headaches. Please check with your GP if at all concerned. One glass of Cacao contains about 20mg caffiene. In comparison, a single espresso contains about 65mg caffiene. So it is not really a concern unless you take a lot. Information about possible side effects available online here.

Where, When and What to Bring?

Where: This event is being held at the The Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica St, Highbury East, London N5 1JT. It's about 5 minutes walk from Highbury & Islington tube and train station.

When: Saturday 25th March 2017, 10am - 6pm

Please bring: Loose clothing, water bottle, some lunch

ADVANCE BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. Please note that we can't take money on the door.

The Facilitators


Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world. Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realisation. At the same time, she helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and consultant.


Devaraj is a Director of Osho Leela in Dorset, the UK's liveliest alternative community. He trained as a therapist with the Osho Humaniversity in Holland, and works as a therapist at Leela with the Core Group there, helping them to expand and enjoy life more. He currently leads workshops around the subjects of anger, passion, rebirthing, emotional release and authentic communication. He loves working with people, DJ'ing, holding space, going out to eat, and satsang.


Tickets are priced at £65.00 each early bird, or £75 for the last 7 days. Please book and pay online at Brown Paper Tickets.

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