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1st November 2016
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Leadership 3 – Dropping your “us and them” bullshit.

Life with The Man

Last week I looked at how the “primary social contract” most people are engaged in, consciously or otherwise, is changing, We grow up, we get educated, get qualifications, get a job, turn up on time and look to get promoted. We play our part, essentially. And, in return, the State, the System, in the US they call it “The Man,” gives us what we need.

We see the State as a kind of “Benevolent Father” figure, giving us our due of money and respect in return for us giving our time and energy to it. This is the primary social contract most people in the West find themselves engaged in.

It’s changing. Globalization, automation, the increased systematization of work and the possibility to outsource it to other, poorer countries has effectively changed the personality of the Benevolent Father figure. No longer is he keeping his side of the bargain. Job security is way down. Pension schemes collapse. The sense of security that traditionally accompanied full employment has gone.

If anything the Benevolent Father has become more of a Punk-like figure – laughing at people who just work for him without thinking if this is really what they want to do.

A lot of people involved in this relationship are pissed off with how things are changing. Brexit and Trump – everywhere we see the “white underclass” trying to go back to the old days when you could trust the System, the Benevolent Father.

I say something different.


Drop “Us & Them”

You don’t need to view life through an “Us and Them” lens. You don’t need to believe in a Benevolent Father, who will give you your due if you’re obedient. It’s not innate to you. It’s a learned behaviour. If you believe that everything is controlled by “the System,” or by the government, or by the corporations, or by the banks, and that because of this you can’t have the life you want… so you make this a reality. It’s actually a way you protect yourself from really having to go for it. Drop it!

Every time you subscribe to a belief that your life is controlled by forces outside of you… you make yourself a victim. You disempower yourself. Every time you believe that you have the power to create change in your life… you empower yourself.


Move On Up

It’s time to drop your cozy old beliefs systems about how other people, the System, the Banks, whatever have all the power. It was comforting to believe that things weren’t under your control, but now it’s time to grow up.

It’s time to find out what you want to do… and to take steps towards doing it. Don’t let your mind make it sound like an insurmountable task. Step by step, trying things out, you can do it. Start to flex that part of your mind that creates a vision. Don’t accept any bullshit about not having a vision. Just keep trying. It will come. And then start making practical steps, one by one, to achieving your vision. Remember, it’s for you. It’s not so much about what other people want. What do you want? Deep within your heart and deep within your guts.

It’s time to move on up!


Dev, November 2016


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