Leadership #4 & #5 – Just 3 Degrees of Separation means… Specialize don’t Generalize!

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24th November 2016
Bioenergetics #12 – Shoulder Release
31st December 2016

Back in the 90’s the play “Six Degrees of Separation” brought home the message that everyone on the planet is connected through an average of six links. If you took all of my friends and contacts, and all of their friends and contacts, and so on through six people, I’m connected to everyone.

Well, now the Internet and mobile technology is bringing the degree of connectivity up and up, so it’s more like three degrees of separation, as of late 2016. This is incredible! We’ve never been so connected.

One things this means is that if you really focus on finding “your thing” and doing it, it’s now easier than ever to make a living from this. Specialize… don’t try to cover lots of bases. Don’t Generalize. Don’t go into the old survival thinking that you need to cover everyone else’s needs.

Everyone can find you online much easier when you specialize in what you really want to do. The search engine system works better for you when you do this.

Get clear what you want to do. And really put it out. Unrelentingly! It will work. Check in every now and again that you’re on the right track. Make a few adjustments if necessary. And then continue. Continue, continue, continue. At some point you will start to get a result. At some point all the forces of resistance, inner or outer, will surrender, put their hands up and admit you’re wonderful and that you deserve to get a result! It will happen. Just keep putting it out.

Okay, enough for today. Over and Out!


I'm a workshop leader, author and Director of a spiritual community. I live in Hove and in Dorset and love eating out, DJing and meditation.

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