Leadership #6 – Biggest Marketing Secret – It Doesn’t Matter What People Think!

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31st December 2016
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5th January 2017

Yes, these days it seems like OPINION is so important. You know, your opinions, my opinions. I mean, surely, it really matters what people THINK! Doesn’t it?

Actually No, largely it doesn’t.

Our opinions about things are simply an output from the brain’s pre-frontal cortex (PFC) and heavily filtered through our self-image (the kind of person we think we ought to be). They are actually not very significant.

When you consider a project you have, something creative that you’re involved in, it’s actually not of vital importance to seek out people’s opinions and then alter things to suit. Don’t do that shit! What’s more important is this…

Firstly, do you BELIEVE in what you’re doing? Is it coming from your heart and your gut? When you check in do you have a good feeling about the project?

Secondly, how do people BEHAVE around what you’re doing? Do they follow you? Do they subscribe to your channel? Do they buy your product? Do they engage? Does it create a change in their behaviour? This is great stuff to monitor. Are you turning people on?

And, a long way behind, in third place, what do people THINK about what you’re doing? What is their verbal or written feedback. Yes, it has a level of importance. It’s good to take in feedback and be open to your own emotional reactions. This can create change. But this is a long way down the list from the other two.

Go back a decade or a little longer and consider a small-ish corporation called Google. Fast forward to today and they’re massive, they’re everywhere. How did they get so popular in such a competitive market. Simple, the other companies were asking people what they THOUGHT about their products. Google monitored people’s BEHAVIOUR. Into the apps and web outlets they built software that monitored what customers DID not what they THOUGHT.

If you want to succeed, do something that really TURNS YOU ON! And if you want to know how you’re doing with it out in the world, monitor their BEHAVIOUR.



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