One to One Sessions in Brighton and Dorset, or via Skype

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I offer "rapid-change" therapy one-to-one with clients, also with couples. I work with Bioenergetics and with Emotional Expression, creating a space so repressed feelings can come out, and showing you body-opening techniques to reduce the fear that is sometimes associated with going back into old feelings.

It's a direct, no-nonsense approach that allows bodily holding patterns to shift and a new, more dynamic and alive You to emerge.

I also work via Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp or other Video apps, offering help with Bioenergetics or Therapy in general.

I specialize in helping you get what you need in life, whether it is in friendships, love relationships or at work. For couples I hold a space where you can go into any underlying emotions in your relationship, face-to-face with your partner if desired.

So many relationships break up when actually all that is needed is that you can go into your deeper emotions together.

I believe that when someone feels confident to fully express their feelings and can give receive and love they will have an intrinsic level of psychological health.

Session Prices
£50/hour + room hire fee (£15 - £27 in Brighton; £10 in Dorset)
£40 for 45 minutes - Skype or Whatsapp Video sessions
I ask for payment in advance by Paypal or Bank Transfer to my UK bank account.

Book a Session by Emailing me -

The areas and issues I'm particularly experienced in working with

Coming into your Power

  • coming out of the victim position, overcoming being bullied
  • being able to take a position, or ask for what you need
  • being able to state your boundaries clearly, and say No to what you don't want

Developing Clear Communication

  • being able to state what you need, without placing blame on the other
  • being able to resolve conflict and find a way forward
  • understanding how to respond to what's going on now, without carrying a charge from past traumas that causes you to over-react

Resolving the Past

  • understanding how unresolved traumas or conditionings affect the choices we make now
  • understanding how the body develops "holding patterns" from unexpressed emotions, and how to move these patterns out, allowing our feeling and our energy to flow more clearly
  • being able to get needs met without compromising your authenticity

Improving Relationships

  • understanding how judgements about others create a wall between you, and how to come closer
  • understanding what's "yours" and what's "theirs" on an emotional level
  • learning how to communicate, without dumping negativity, so people can feel grateful that you speak your truth

To get in touch please call me on 07950 204557, email me at or use the form below

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In addition I'm very familiar with several schools of body and emotion-based therapy, including the following:


bioenergetics therapy session
Guiding the body into special positions where muscular holding patterns can be released


rebirthing baby
Using the breath to release trauma held in the body

Emotional Release

emotional release exercise
Facilitating full-blown emotional expression to create emotional health

Rapid Therapy

Listening to your story and finding a direct way to create positive change, replacing negative behaviour with positive and releasing the emotions that arise

  • “…contains truly useful insights into how men and women relate sexually”
  • Breathtaking experience. Want it again and again. I was always afraid of myself getting angry or seeing angry people. Would rather not mess with them and put a stupid smile, it was covering..... fear. Dev is a magician , he guided me to rediscover my manhood , my tribal ego. I am not afraid of angering,anymore.There were other exercises focused on different parts of our soul, thanks to that i realized i was numb and deaf 😉 Recommend this training to any man !
  • "Devaraj holds a safe space for transformation, release and joy."
  • "Devaraj's sessions are very safe and free - to express anger, rage, tears or whatever is there. The techniques used are powerful and easy to do. I attend his sessions regularly."
  • "My instincts have told me that you have rare qualities so that I can trust you to guide and support me with the challenges of this work. My experience so far through a workshop and 2 sessions is that you closely accompany me on my emotional journey with complete dedication and loving kindness and as a result I feel safe".
  • I have been on many of Devaraj's workshops, and he gets to places which no-one else gets to, with very good effect on my bodymind.
  • "Devaraj and Sanjula held such a safe and love filled container. It allows you to go deep and really accesses what needs to move. I cannot recommend the course highly enough. Feeling brave? Jump!"
  • "Very kind, supportive and human. Deeply Beautiful” - about I Want Change! workshop
  • "If I can change anyone can, never too old, never too stuck" - about I Want Change! weekend workshop
  • “A powerful, healing and empowering workshop”- about the Anger weekend workshop
  • “This sort of work makes such a difference. Couldn’t ask for better group leaders or a more nourishing environment”- about the Anger weekend workshop
  • “The space was held beautifully and authentically. I leave feeling cleansed, refreshed and inspired to step out into the world in my full power” - about Rebirthing, Bioenergetics & Emotional Release weekend workshop