Leadership #3 – Drop Your “Us & Them” Bullshit!
8th November 2016
Leadership #4 & #5 – Just 3 Degrees of Separation means… Specialize don’t Generalize!
8th December 2016

Understanding the cognitive and emotional dynamics of Depression.

Stop listening to Radio Depression, playing inside your head. It’s actually not how things are. You have the power to stop paying attention to the same old misery channel, the same old thoughts circling round and round. Get up! Move your energy! Gym, running, yoga, exercise your body – do something but switch off old Radio Depression. Don’t buy it’s bullshit.

Most people suffering depression share these characteristics…

  • a strong tendency to externalize blame. Blaming other people, or anything directly outside our control, feels good. It reduces the psychological stress attached to traumatic incidents. But it leaves you a victim, subscribing to a belief system that says “You can’t Change.” If you keep on habitually blaming anyone or anything for how you are, eventually you will start to get depressed. It’s inevitable. You need to change it. Simply blaming yourself is not enough. You need to learn to create positive change, to take back control of your own life.
  • a strong tendency to sit on feelings. It usually starts in early childhood. You develop the ability to hold stuff down. The frontal cortex learns how to repress rising emotions back into the body, where they form “holding patterns.” Over time, whole areas of natural emotional responsiveness are shut down and bodily holding patterns increase and increase. We feel less alive, our natural vibrancy is down. Our tendencies to get drawn into depression increase.

YOU CAN CHANGE THIS STUFF! Depression is not innate to being alive. Not for anyone. Don’t believe a load of neuro-bullshit about how it’s all out of your control, and the fact that your brain metabolizes serotonin improperly, or whatever, means it’s not your fault. It’s your fault and you need to change it, not get even more depressed about it.

A lowered rate of serotonin metabolization is a symptom of depression not a cause. Learn to move your energy instead of listening to Radio Depression playing inside your head and eventually things will change for you.

WORK WITH ANGER!  This is a big key to changing Depression. When you can fully express anger and be with all the feelings blocked up underneath it, your life will quickly start to change. Don’t worry if Radio Depression is telling you that you’ve already done this! That’s bullshit. Don’t worry if Radio Depression is telling you that you’re not that kind of person. That’s bullshit too! You can change and you can do it.

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