Therapy #4 – Coming out of “Child-Mode” and Taking Responsibility

Bioenergetics #17 – Huge Back Release: Anxiety to Bliss!
23rd February 2017
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7th November 2017

As small children, until we are about 5 years old, we have a natural need to receive love from our parents or other care-givers. We have an in-built expectation that we will get this love from them.

If that need for love is not fully met, as is usually the case, then we grow up a certain way.

Later in life, in situations where we feel alone or needing help, we may return mentally to the state of this needy child who didn’t get the love, and believe that the outside – friends or people around – should give us what we need.

We may develop resentments, believing that others don’t “see us,” or that the world “doesn’t care about us.”

But, actually, we need to learn to reach out, to ask, to take responsibility for our needs getting met.

When you recognise yourself going into this “child-mode,” ask yourself – Do I just expect others to fix it for me? If the answer is Yes, then take responsibility yourself to get what you need. Ask for help, for someone to chat with, whatever you need. This is the adult position.

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