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Nick Sandberg's Homepage (2000 - 2008)

Hello and welcome. This site contains some of my occasional writings on Qabalah, conspiracy, and related subjects. Thank you for visiting.


Zeitgeist, Part 1 Refuted Great movie. Shame it's not true! (2008)

Genesis 1:1 - A Talisman of Liberation Some Geometric Insights into God's First Words (2005)

Post CXX Annos Patebo A Brief Astrological Tribute to Dr Paul Foster Case (2004)

911 - 119: Genesis Recreated From the Destruction of the Twin Towers to the Grand Hexagram (2003)

The Two Towers Fall - Awakening to the Fourth Dimension Some Qabalistic reflections on the September 11 Tragedy (2002)

Opening the Body with the Cube of Space - for those into the Qabalistic Cube (2002)

Key to the Gnosis: Chapter 2 - The Great Work Recent rewrite (2001)

Key to the Gnosis: Chapter 1 - Aug 18 1999 Recent rewrite (2001)

An Introduction to Ibogaine Recent rewrite of the intro to this fascinating drug (2001)

The Role of Entheogens in the Creation of The Bible (2001)

Blueprint for a Prison Planet - Second Edition (2001)

Starbucks Unveiled - Symbolism of the Coffee Chain's Logo Revealed (2000)

Key to the Gnosis: Chapter 3 - Pisces - (2000)

Paving the Way for GWB - A commentary on hidden aspects of the US Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act, 1999. (2000)

Iboga-tourism in Central Africa - an account of my Bwiti initiation in the Cameroun in August 1999 (2000)

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