Key to the Gnosis #3 – Pisces (2001)

Copyright: Nick Sandberg 2001 [Please Note: The first two pieces in this series have now been rewritten and it is my hope that they are now relatively easy for the interested reader to follow. This much-needed revision has yet to take place for this piece, I’ve still got a few more chapters of the Bible […]


Key to the Gnosis #2 – The Great Work (2001)

Copyright: Nick Sandberg 2001 Introduction In this piece I’m going to try and relate a little of the spirit and content of the so-called “Great Work” of the esoteric orders. The completion of this Great Work remains the goal of the “Western Mystery Schools.” And, without sounding too melodramatic, if they’re right, it also remains


Key to the Gnosis #1 – August 18th 1999 (2001)

Copyright: Nick Sandberg 2001 Key to the Gnosis: The Revelation in Seven Chapters is a series of pieces intended to introduce the reader to some of my ideas about Western occultism, and particularly how ancient and often hidden beliefs may be of importance in the world of today. I am particularly interested in the Qabalist interpretations


Blueprint for a Prison Planet (2001)

Copyright © Nick Sandberg, 2001Second Edition, 2001ISBN 0-9538348-3-2 Proof-reading – S.A. Maddalena LaMarche. Artwork – Arthur J. Saarinen and Nick. Introduction “Meanwhile we shall express our darker purpose” – King Lear, Act 1:Sc1. The purpose of this piece is to introduce the reader to the possibility that much of what we typically believe about our world, notably its

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