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Frater Achad was the Child of the New Aeon!

Alphanumeric Qabalah gives the proof The Beast-Muse is On The Loose! Charles Stansfeld Jones (1886-1950), better known as Frater Achad, was believed by himself and Aleister Crowley to have been the “Child of the New Aeon,” predicted in the Liber AL vel Legis, a work which Crowley channelled from a source known as “Aiwass” whilst […]


Thoughts on Liber AL’s III:47 Mystery

Aleister Crowley’s channelled work from 1904, generally known as the Liber AL vel Legis, or Book of the Law, has, since shortly after its publication attracted those who love riddles. The book has numerous mysterious verses, several of which overtly challenge the reader to unravel them. Crowley himself had a fair crack at decoding these,


Love & Chaos – Two Initiations on the Tree of Life

The Qabalistic, or Kabbalistic, Tree of Life is the central glyph of both the Judaic and Western mystery traditions. There are thousands of books written about it. All I’m going to do in this piece is to write about the two types of initiation, or two types of transcendence, that may be pursued upon it.


Opening the Body with the Cube of Space (2024)

I’m writing a book about the Cube of Space, a little-known Qabalistic glyph that can be worked with using the imagination. I started it in 2023 but decided to put it off for a while. I was writing a therapy book at the same time, and I started to find it tricky to simultaneously write


The Book of Lambspring (2023)

The Book of Lambspring is a fascinating alchemical picture-book created at the end of the 16th century, and credited to Frenchman, Nicholas Barnaud. It consists of 15 plates, each with a brief commentary. The book appears to depict, in chronological order, the stages of the alchemical process as it applies to both spiritual / psychological


BOTA Tarot Keys (2023)

The 22 keys of the Tarot Major Arcana, as designed by Dr Paul Foster Case and drawn by Jesse Burns-Parker. BOTA stands for Builders of the Adytum and their website is here.

Science & Consciousness

Science In Trouble! (2015)

Epistemological Holes Start to Manifest in the Heart of Scientific Method Copyright: Devaraj Nick Sandberg 2015 Introduction Recently I’ve been noticing that there seems to have been a bit of an “offensive” going on against alternative medicine and complementary therapies in the world of science. Scientists and sceptics seem almost to have gone to war


Genesis 1:1 – A Talisman of Liberation (2005)

Some Geometric Insights Into God’s First Words Copyright: Nick Sandberg 2005 (Taken from the work of Vernon Jenkins, MSc) Author’s Note: I was recently amazed by the astounding work of mathematician Vernon Jenkins MSc and his insights into the geometric structure of the opening verse of the Book of Genesis. I therefore offer this piece


Opening the Body with the Cube of Space (2004)

Copyright: Nick Sandberg 2004 “And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals” – Revelation 5:1 These diagrams show how, by paying attention to the direction of flow in the 12 sides, the Qabalistic Cube of Space may

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