Frater Achad was the Child of the New Aeon!

Alphanumeric Qabalah gives the proof

The Beast-Muse is On The Loose!

Charles Stansfeld Jones (1886-1950), better known as Frater Achad, was believed by himself and Aleister Crowley to have been the “Child of the New Aeon,” predicted in the Liber AL vel Legis, a work which Crowley channelled from a source known as “Aiwass” whilst holidaying in Egypt in 1904.

The Liber AL has long intrigued esoteric types, especially those associated with Crowley’s Thelema order. It claims at numerous points in its relatively short text to hold various mysteries and riddles within. One of them relates to the number 418, which is mentioned at Chapter 1:46…

46. Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen.

One of the things which caused Crowley to believe Achad was the Child of the New Aeon was that he supposedly “unlocked” many of the mysteries of the Liber AL in his book, Liber 31, notably claiming that the number 418 referred to PARZIFAL, which by Hebrew gematria sums to 418 (the Z is a tzaddi not a zain).

Over the last few years, Gematria researcher, Luis Goncalves, has been studying the Liber AL vel Legis, amongst other works, and believes that it can be significantly unlocked when the text is analysed using a Base 36 alphanumeric gematria system, generally called Alphanumeric Qabalah, or AQ for short. It’s based on the English letter and number system and looks like this…

This numeration system was unknown in the days when Crowley and Achad were alive. You can find a calculator for it here.

Recently (June 2024), Luis noticed that Achad’s real name, Charles Stansfeld Jones revealed 418 in AQ thus…

This to my mind considerably reinforces Achad’s claim to have been the Child, even though he himself was not aware of AQ at the time.

It also adds to another piece of evidence relating to AQ and the Liber AL vel Legis. That relates to the books most famous saying, below…

The phrase Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law sums to 777, Crowley’s number, in AQ. Luis has further investigated the Liber AL and especially its famous “riddles” and you can read about that in his blog linked earlier.

Reading Achad’s Liber 31 for myself, I noticed in the earlier paragraphs that he mentioned having written a pamphlet, Stepping out of the Old Aeon and into the New, on September 15th 1918. On impulse, I put the name of Achad’s pamphlet into an AQ calculator, word by word. This is what came out…

What struck me was the abundance of important numbers from Qabalah in this sequence – 758, 629, 360, 300 – as well as the number 418 cropping up again.

Working on the hypothesis that Liber AL was right and that there was a Child of New Aeon, and that it was Frater Achad, I thought about where else there might be some sign that he was unconsciously channelling this New Aeon via his writings. I figured most likely I would find something in his poetry, as that seems to be where right-brain stuff comes in.

So I took a look at his 1923 book XXXI Hymns to the Star Goddess who is Not.

This project did not take long to bear fruit. For a start the name of the book, rendering XXXI as 31, comes out as…

Next stop, the first poem in the book. Opening line…

So that’s a brace of 666s in the two most prominent lines of the book! I didn’t find much more with a quick search. But the presence of these two obvious “tells” is more than enough to indicate to me that Achad is the Child and that he’s bringing something in with this collection of poems.

Remember here that Achad had no idea that AQ existed. Crowley neither. If either of them had, it’s inconceivable to me that they wouldn’t have trumpeted Achad’s real name as revealing 418 to the world. It would have been everywhere in the Thelema / O.T.O. scene.

What this indicates to me is that a “Beast-Muse” is on the loose! He or she has been channeling poems and prose through various human beings, and the sign of his or her activity is the number 666, rendered via AQ, in the title or opening line of the work.

Frater Achad seems to have crashed and burned, rather in the manner of that Greek guy who flew too close to the sun. But I think it’s clear that he was the Child of the New Aeon nonetheless. His work, especially those pieces that show correspondances in AQ, deserve more study and contemplation.


  • For more Beast-Muse sightings, such as the first line of Paradise Lost, Moby Dick and more, see Xenocosmography’s Beast Pulse blog.
  • I did a quick scan of the titles of Frater Achad’s other books, most of which are more left-brain stuff. I only checked his main works. The only thing of significance I found was his popular title – Chalice of Ecstasy. It revealed 358 by AQ. In Hebrew Kabbalah, this number stands for Messiah, Serpent and is important. 3:5:8 is also the ratio revealed by Greek names for Jesus thus… Iesous: Xristos: Iesous Xristos.

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