What is Body-based Therapy and How Can It Help Me?

Body-based Therapy works directly with the body, creating rapid change by getting right to the core of the problem - emotional holding patterns in the muscles. If you like working with the body or you've tried Psychotherapy and it hasn't worked for you, then check it out. I've been running workshops and one-to-one sessions for a decade and am at the cutting edge of my field.

Check out my YouTube channel on Therapy youtube.com/c/DevarajSandberg

Group Workshops and Individual Therapy Sessions in Brighton & at Osho Leela

Looking for a therapist in Brighton or Dorset? Why not try a one to one body based therapy session, or join in a group workshop!

Body Based therapies offer a fast and effective route toward lasting positive change.

One to One Sessions

woman lying down therapy session
I am a therapist in Brighton and Dorset running one-to-one body based therapy sessions. My work is focused heavily on feelings, using body positions (Bioenergetics) and emotional expression to bring feelings closer to the surface and to come out. I work intuitively and with a lot of heart.


therapy workshops
I run weekend workshops at Osho Leela in Dorset and 2 hour sessions of predominantly body based therapy in Brighton. I also put on one day events occasionally in London. My workshops are usually Body-based Therapy, working with expressing feelings and really being present with feelings. Excellent for getting through a block, overcoming anger, sadness or depression, or for creating a new vision to move forward with in life.

Body-based Therapy Practices