What is Body-based Therapy and How Can It Make Me Happy?

The essential principle behind Body-based Therapy is that it works directly with the body, creating rapid change without having to engage excessively with the thinking mind. Most techniques from Body-based Therapy therefore offer intense, emotional experiences...

I offer body based therapy in Brighton and at Osho Leela in Dorset

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Group Workshops and Individual Therapy Sessions in Brighton & at Osho Leela

Looking for a therapist in Brighton or Dorset? Why not try a one to one body based therapy session, or join in a group workshop!

Body Based therapies offer a fast and effective route toward lasting positive change.

One to One Sessions

woman lying down therapy session
I am a therapist in Brighton and Dorset running one-to-one body based therapy sessions. My work is focused heavily on feelings, using body positions (Bioenergetics) and emotional expression to bring feelings closer to the surface and to come out. I work intuitively and with a lot of heart.


therapy workshops
I run weekend workshops at Osho Leela in Dorset and 2 hour sessions of predominantly body based therapy in Brighton. I also put on one day events occasionally in London. My workshops are usually Body-based Therapy, working with expressing feelings and really being present with feelings. Excellent for getting through a block, overcoming anger, sadness or depression, or for creating a new vision to move forward with in life.

Body-based Therapy Practices